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This song came through such powerful inspiration, and now it is my gift to you. You can download the song and the lyrics below.


The production almost effortlessly attracted a highly talented team of musicians and performers who gave voice to the many challenges that we all face during these turbulent times.


And yet the hope for our future is that we can, indeed, make it through this together! 

~ Dr. Mac

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Help turn this “movement movement” into a celebration of our oneness.


Maybe you’d like to just dance together and have a good laugh with your family. But if you’re inspired to do so, please tap into your own creative juices. 


Film a fun and funny short video, lip-synching or performing to any part of the song that will make it your own.  Find the theme that fits for you among the choices listed in the submissions section below. 


We'll watch them all and compile the best of the best into final videos — lasting shared treasures of memories with your loved ones.


Give it a shot and and read on below for submission themes and instructions.

We Can Make It


No more! Don’t’ want to stay home, no more. 
I just want to run right out that door.
Yeah, why did this whole thing have to happen?

I miss my friends. I miss my school. 
And I don’t like this stay at home rule.
I’m so depressed I’m even napping.

Together we’ll do this. We can make it through this. (2x)

And I just think it’s too much to ask
To have to wear this silly mask!
And when can I go back and play on my team?

I’m so done with sittin’ around my room, 
Had enough of screens and too much Zoom.
What is this? I think I’m gonna scream. 

Together we’ll do this. We can make it through this. (2x)

‘Cause some day will come, when we can be with friends.
Some day will come, when all this craziness ends. (scream)

Together we’ll do this. We can make it through this. (2x)

There’ll be clapping in the street with everyone we meet 
When there’s nothin’ about “six feet” anymore.

There’ll be high fives and hugs, no more wishin “what was,”
Or just sittin’ around like slugs on the floor.

The world’s upside down but we can turn it around, yeah. 
Let’s send hope and a prayer to everyone everywhere. 
Things are unknown, but we’re not alone.  

Together we’ll do this. We can make it through this. (repeat) 
We can make it. (repeat)

© 2020 by Dr. Mac


Simply use your phone, tablet, computer or any recording device to capture any forms of creative expression that this song, We Can Make It, inspires in you.


The following are themes that you can gear your performance toward, or you can create one of your own:









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Thanks for playing along! We can't wait to see what you come up with!